Comprehensive arrangement of wedding and wedding reception in a yurt in some exceptional open air venues in Poland.

Civil wedding in nature Your wedding can be taking place on a grassland, in a park or on a seaside. When celebrating wedding in a beautiful scenery of nature, in a yurt or just next to it, we can transform the official feel of civil ceremony into an unforgettable event which will become a beautiful start of your life together.

Alternative wedding Is your dream to have a shamanic wedding, a ceremony of connecting and blessing souls accordingly to the old tradition of native American Indians? Such can be lead by our dear friend Curandero from Peru. According to Indians, such blessing ceremony is a beautiful gesture of gratitude for our mother nature and as well a gift of good wishes for the marrying couple. It is a wonderful solution for those, who want to celebrate their marriage in line with the tradition of nature. It can also be an addition to a civil wedding.

Wedding reception – Is nature the best scenery for your wedding reception? Stars above your head and plenty of space for free expression suit you better than marble walls? Yurt wedding allows you to invite your guests to a reception which will be remembered for long because of the very special ambiance. Thanks to the high quality yurts that we provide, you are guaranteed safe and comfortable environment independent of weather conditions.

Arrival and departure of your guests – To assure your comfort we are ready to take the role of the host for your guests. We will arrange an accommodation in charming hotels near your wedding venue. We will arrange transportation as well as some attractions to make sure your guests feel great in our country and have great memories of your wedding.

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