Wedding yurt – high quality natural product

Frames of our yurts are finely carved in larch wood, which provides stylish and safe environment of your wedding venue.Our yurts are covered with waterproof, white fabric with relevant UV permeability to assure great atmosphere no matter the weather conditions. Thanks to a special construction of the yurt, walls they can be easily removed when you want to be even closer to nature.

There are as well a skylights in the roof of our yurts for creating a very special ambiance. During the day it allows more light to enter the yurt and stars can be seen from the inside at night. The skylight provides as well the most efficient natural ventilation.

There is specially designed wooden furniture available for our yurts. It is an excellent solution catering for comfort of your guests. The simple design of the furniture matches perfectly the natural character of yurt.

The renting price of yurt includes wooden floor! It not only complements the natural interior of yurt but as well provides stabile foundation for tables, chairs and of course high heels as well!

Wedding for 60 guests

Given that the yurt foundation is in a shape of a circle, the interior can be arranged in various ways. Our standard yurt space equals 77 square meters. That provides comfortable room for 60 guests, dancing floor, DJ area and a bar or a buffet.

układ 60 osóbukład 60

Wedding for 80 guests

Two connected yurts (77 square meterrs plus 35 square meters) give place for 80-100 guests.

układ 80jurta podwójna